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Some Favourite Characters

Haggy Aggy with  Sarah Warburton from the Rumblewick Letters & Diaries

 Rumblewick with Sarah Warburton from the Rumblewick Letters & Diairies

Snowboy with Birgitta Sif from SNOWBOY and the LAST TREE STANDING

Jimi-my-Jim with Gwen Millward    from FLAT CAT

Big Cat with Tony Ross from the animated film BIG CAT, LITTLE CAT with Alexandra Schatz

     Second Princess with Tony Ross from THE SECOND PRINCESS

Filbert with Jimmy Liao from FILBERT, THE GOOD LITTLE FIEND

Mona with Sonia Holleyman from the MONA THE VAMPIRE series

Camomile with Susan Varley from PRINCESS CAMOMILE'S GARDEN

Funky with Satoshi Kitamura from the as yet unmade animated series FUNKY THE FROG

Rose and Fred with Rosie Reeve from MY FRIEND FRED

Badger & Mole with Susan Varley from BADGER'S BRING SOMETHING PARTY

Boy and his dinosaur with Satoshi Kitamura from A BOY WANTS A DINOSAUR

Forever Street Fairies with  Mary Rees

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